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If you are facing having to get a root canal, I have good news for you! Dr. Lee can make this oft maligned dental procedure go very well for you. He is honest, trustworthy, a true professional and very talented at his craft.
So here’s why I’m such a fan:  I was referred to him in 2003 for a root canal. I was immediately impressed with his state of the art equipment and his warm professionalism. He explained the procedure to me very thoroughly and clearly and took the time to answer my questions. The procedure went perfectly. I had seen him several more times over the years and each time I was happy with his services.
Even though I now live in Oakland, I went out of my way to see him because I knew I could trust him to be honest and to do a good job. And I was right. After examining my tooth he was actually able to save it from getting a root canal (or being extracted altogether). With his deft precision and expertise, he not only saved me from discomfort and hours on the chair, but also from spending hundreds of dollars.
I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Edward Lee to anyone who may need root canal treatment. Like he says, “I will work hard for you.” And he does.

Jenny J. Yelp Review

Dr Lee is extremely knowledgeable, competent, polite. I had an apiectomy and two root canals done by him and I could not be happier with the experience…I highly recommend him! Great care, no pain and a very smart and kind professional.

Valentina I. Yelp Review

Great staff and experience (considering this was a root canal). My wife had been here before, but Dr. Lee determined that her issue didn’t require a root canal — lucky for her. But I did need one this time, and I can only say that I am grateful to my regular dentist (Dr. Lily Siu) for referring me to Dr. Lee for the procedure. Dr. Lee kept me informed throughout the procedure, and checked often to make sure I was comfortable. The whole thing was over quickly — and painlessly. Thanks to the whole staff at Parkside.

Mark D. Yelp Review

I’ve gone to Dr. Lee a couple of times now for root canals.  Each time, he has made my situation as pleasant as possible and greatly reduced my anxiety.  He patiently explains what’s going on and how he will address my needs.  He, as well as his staff, is totally professional and very pleasant.  A very important factor:  he is almost totally pain free!  I’ve had root canals in the distant past, and the ones he does are far, far more preferrable to other dentists.  I would highly recommend him to anyone who needs a root canal done, but hates pain.

W.J. Yelp Review

I have a tooth that was extremely sensitive with cold water and cold temperature.  My general dentist ( Dr. Albert Kuan ) had recommended that I have a root canal therapy done a year ago.  But I was very nervous about the process and I am a procrastinator.  Until last week, the tooth was insanely sensitive and I decided to pursue with the procedure with Dr. Lee

Dr. Edward Lee is awesome, knowledgeable, gentle, caring and respectful and is an absolute professional endodontist.  His staff, Tina ( at the front desk ) and Jenny ( assistant ) are amazingly friendly and helpful.  I received a reminder call about the appointment, and Jenny was a huge help with my fear about needles.  She let me to squeeze her hand, and I immediately felt at ease.

The root canal therapy procedure was absolutely painless, and Dr. Lee’s attention to detail was apparent during every phase of the procedure.  I actually fell asleep during the procedure.  i was given instruction afterward and told to call him if I had any questions.

Dr. Lee called me the next day to see how I felt.  Now, that is a service that you don’t usually get from a dentist.

Thank Your Dr. Lee,  Jenny and Tina

Jennifer W. Yelp review

Dear Dr. Lee, Thank you very much for the work and time and care you put into my tooth. I really appreciate everything you did for me! I am so grateful that you were able to numb my tooth and get the work done. You restored my faith in dentistry during the hours you worked on my tooth and I will always be grateful for that!

Best regards, M.D.

I recently had an opportunity to receive emergency Endodontic care from Dr. Litton. I can’t really hope to express my great appreciation for this brilliant and caring and skilled Professional. She followed up the treatment with three most sincere telephone calls to ascertain how I was doing–even prescribing an antibiotic to ameliorate an abscess pain in the same tooth . She is Totally responsible and sensitive Endodontist I have ever used. Marvelous. Thank you deeply for the quality of your service to me. Richard

Richard W. Yelp review

Truly a top notch office: clean, well-lighted, modern with all the latest equipment, highly efficient, and very patient-focused. I too was referred by my dentist. I dreaded the thought of getting a root canal procedure. As it turned out, the experience was far easier than I had imagined. Dr. Lee’s assistant first took a digital x-ray. The tooth in question and it’s adjoining area appeared on a large flat panel display in front of me. Dr. Lee came in and inspected the x-ray, then proceeded to explain to me in detail what his procedure would entail. He even hand sketched the tooth, its roots, what he would be doing, and explained why each step was significant. Then he injected local anesthetic into the entire area around the affected tooth. After the anesthetic had fully numbed the area of my jaw where that tooth was located, he inserted a rubber sheet/dam that isolated the tooth he would work on to his view, and also served to protect my throat from stray particles. After he completed his treatment, in under an hour, he provided me with his cell phone number and a write up about what to anticipate in the following 24-48 hours. I didn’t even need to take an aspirin. There was no pain to speak of, nor swelling, then or later. I thought my jaw would become tender but it remained normal. Oh, and much to my surprise, Dr. Lee himself phoned me that same evening, to ask me how I was doing. Right then I thought: wow! Has a doctor EVER called me afterward to follow up? Dr. Edward Lee is the endodontist you will want if you ever need root canal treatment.

Dan R. Yelp Review

Was referred to Dr. Lee by my regular dentist.  Had a lot of anxiety about getting a possible root canal, but I knew it would be inevitable.  Called the office and talked to Jenny who was super nice.  I was having some discomfort and their office was pretty booked and the earliest appt was a month away.  Jenny said she would call first thing if a cancellation popped up and sure enough, I was able to see Dr. Lee within a few days.  The office staff was very nice and Dr. Lee was very pleasant and explained what was going on with my tooth and the plan of action needed to take care of it.  He explained everything in detail and answered all my questions.  He was very aware that I had a low tolerance to pain and made sure I was always comfortable and painless.  After the initial work to prepare the tooth for the root canal, Dr. Lee personally called me at home later in the evening to make sure I was doing okay!  What a nice follow-up.  Went in a few weeks later to complete the root canal and was not disappointed with the excellent care Dr. Lee provided.  I would HIGHLY recommend Dr. Lee if you ever need a root canal (and hopefully, you won’t!).

L Yelp Review

Dear Dr. Lee and Staff, Thank you so much for the excellent work and care you provided during my surgery. After the unpleasant experience I had with my previous dentist, it was refreshing to come to your office because of the professional, friendly and genuine care you all displayed. I appreciate your thorough step-by-step explanation of my diagnosis, treatment procedure and post-op instructions; as well as your kind follow-up. You have my highest recommendation and I will be sure to refer everyone I know, who is in need of your specialized care, to your office. Thank you again!

Sincerely-with my highest appreciation, E.C.

Dr. Lee is the kindest, most knowledgable and professional medical professional I have ever seen. He takes the time to explain everything and does not push unnecessary procedures on you – In fact his philosophy is to preserve the tooth by doing as little as possible. First time in my life I ever felt comfortable with a dentist. When three (yes, three!) other dentists told me my tooth had to be extracted Dr. Lee treated it with antibiotics and in two days the pain and the problem were gone! Imagine that!

Tanya L. Yelp Review

This is where (without a doubt) you want to be should you need to have this kind of work done. Having the misfortune of chronic damage to my teeth from years of clenching I have seen many a dentist through the years.  Parkside Endo was referred by my dentist because I had a failing root canal/crown from some 15 years ago. Dr. Lee did the evaluation and felt confident that retreating the tooth would the way to go.  He was kind and compassionate in his dealings with my obvious “issues” around dental work.  He did a great job ensuring my comfort during the procedure.  Sadly however, when my dentist removed the old crown, a crack was found and it looks as though the tooth will have to go anyway. After my dentist contacted Dr. Lee with his findings, I received a call from Dr. Lee.  He explained that sometimes there is no way to see something like this until the crown is removed (same as my dentist told me) and that the last thing he wants to ever do is put someone through a long, painful procedure unnecessarily.  He then apologized for me having to go through it (even though it wasn’t his fault or lacking in any way) and then he generously waived the unpaid portion of my bill! Dr. Lee is a living example of kindness, compassion and generosity!  This is what makes not only a great dentist, but also a great human being!

Keli S. Yelp Review