Patient Review

I was referred to Parkside for a root canal consult. I thought I was most likely going to be told that I needed the procedure even though some of my symptoms didn't confirm or deny the need for it. Dr. Sean Bardsley did my consult and recommended for me to have my filling replaced and not have the root canal done for now. It would have been so easy to recommend the root canal but Dr. Bardsley was honest and advised me that this tooth may be fine by replacing the filling without a root canal but it may require one in the future. My regular dentist filled the cavity and I have had no signs of trouble for over 2 months now. It is so refreshing to meet someone like Dr. Bardsley, who is honest and caring, and all the people at Parkside Endodontics who tell you the truth and not put you through any unneeded dental work. I cannot recommend them enough!

- Fred C

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