PRF / CGF Clinical Cases

Classic/Current  PRF/CGF Literature:

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Literature Review on PRF:

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Case Studies for PRF & Regenerative Endodontics:

AAE Clinical Considerations for a Regenerative Procedure Revised 6-8-16, page 2 – PRF recommended

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Case Studies for PRF & Surgical Endodontics:

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Download “Platelet-rich fibrin in endodontics” :    article Clinical-Lee(1)(2)

PRF(or CGF):

Blood draw and centrifuged – PRF clot separated in tube then removed – PRF placed into processing box, then pressed into membranes – Ready to be delivered.

Case 1 – #10 socket preservation using NovaBone, Collagen membrane, CGF membrane.




Case #2 – #13 socket preservation, NovaBone, CGF membrane.





6 month later – CGF sinus bump + Flapless implant placement

Case #3 – #14 mesial buccal root amputation, “sticky” bone allograft, CGF membrane



24   Immediate Post-Op

   1 Month Post Op

  7 Month Post Op

7 Month Post Op

14 month Post Op

Case #4 – #10 socket preservation using allograft + PRF, resorbable collagen membrane, custom fitted PRF membrane (compressed PRF directly into EXT site)

Case #5 – #3 fractured root – Extraction first then later PRF bone graft + PRF membrane


6 months later: Good bone – PRF sinus bump – flapless implant placement

1 month post op: